Having Gears 2 Robots at your child’s school is a no brainer!

What do we do?

  • We offer a fun, engaging and educational learning experience for students grades K-12! Our classes provide a hands-on experience you cannot find anywhere else.
  • We provide all the necessary resources such as equipment, staff, payment processing, curriculum as well as a newsletter and photo album for parents to enjoy!

  • Our classes can either be 4 or 8 weeks long and can take place either during or after school.

  • Choose from one of our many programs or let us design one to fit your needs!

  • Programs are paid by the parent so there is no cost to the school! (school payment optional.)

To receive more information regarding our programs or schedule of current courses, contact us at info@gears2robots.com. Time slots fill up so reserve us at your school today!

Professional Development

Gears 2 Robots strives to keep the educational world up to speed with technology and in the world we live in, nothing is more cutting edge than robotics. Just take a moment to look around. Almost everything you see today has been built with the help of robotics. We at Gears 2 Robots want to make sure that the youth of today will have the ability and knowledge on how to incorporate robotics into whatever field of study they desire.

Our Professional Development programs aid school teachers, faculty, and administration with incorporating robotics into their Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum. Whether you are looking to start a program or have an existing program and need some extra guidance, Gears 2 Robots is here to help! We have spent years developing, implementing, and fine tuning our programs in areas such as robotics, 3D Printing & manufacturing, and applied sciences. Our Tech Academy is living proof of what our Professional Development programs can do for you and your school. 

For more information on how we can help your school or classroom, contact us at info@gears2robots.com!