Tech Academy FAQ

The Tech Academy experience is not like any other! Here we teach and allow for personal skill exploration by giving students options to navigate subjects they are not familiar with...yet! For this reason we are commonly asked how our program works, if you still find yourself wondering about our program contact us for more information!

What makes the Tech Academy different?

  • The Tech Academy is a place of opportunity. Our members receive a custom tailored education that is designed around their needs and desires. We want all of our students to be working on subjects that they find fun so that we can foster their interest early on.

My child has never done anything like this before. Do you need experience before starting?

  • With our staff being primarily college students, we know about the prerequisite system and it has no place at the Tech Academy. We want our students to have a life long interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and placing prerequisites on them early is going to be discouraging. If your child wants to work on a subject in particular, they are going to work on it with no questions asked. The Tech Academy is a place for new and experienced students.

Who will be teaching my child?

  • Our staff consist of both college students studying a STEM field or a college graduate with a degree in a STEM field. Many of our staff are perusing degrees in various fields of engineering such as Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical. All of our staff are live scanned with the FBI and DOJ.

Can I try out the Tech Academy before committing?

  • Certainly! We offer free trials to all students who are thinking about enrolling. There is no appointment required to have a trial. Just come into the Academy and tell a staff member that you want to try out the program!

What are the ages?

  • Our age range is 7 years old and up! How far up you may ask? We have had members as old as 65 at the Tech Academy.

My child is younger than 7, can they join?

  • We offer admission to students younger than 7 years old and a case by case basis. What you would do is schedule a trial, and during that trial our staff is going to assess your student. We assess that the student can follow directions, behaves, and does not get too distracted. If our staff feels that your child is a good fit, then we will offer admission.