MAKER Expansion Pack
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MAKER Expansion Pack

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Out grew our Intro MAKER Kit? Do you want even more sensor capabilities? Our MAKER Expansion Pack is the perfect solution! Expand your projects and imagination with 45 AWESOME sensors that are all compatible with our Intro MAKER Kit.

Just like our Intro MAKER Kit, with the purchase of this expansion set you will receive a FREE Day Pass to the Tech Academy ($35 value)! Sit with one of our expert instructors to get the guidance you may need to take your projects to the next level! 

Our MAKER Expansion Pack Includes:

1 x Soil module

1 x Infrared sensor receiver module

1 x Laser head sensor module

1 x Temperature and humidity sensor module

1 x Infrared emission sensor module

1 x 5V relay module

1 x Gyro Module

1 x finger detect heartbeat module

1 x Microphone sensitivity sensor module

1 x Metal touch sensor module

1 x Flame sensor module

1 x 3-color LED module

1 x Hunt sensor module

1 x Linear magnetic Hall sensors

1 x Rotary encoder modules

1 x Active buzzer module

1 x Magic Light Cup modules

1 x Small passive buzzer module

1 x Digital temperature sensor module

1 x Tilt switch module

1 x Analogy Holzer magnetic sensor

1 x Ultrasonic module

1 x Mercury opening module

1 x Hall magnetic sensor module

1 x RGB LED SMD module

1 x Mini Reed module

1 x Bicolor LED common cathode module 3MM

1 x Smart car avoid obstacle sensor infrared sensor photoelectric switch

1 x Key switch module

1 x Photoresistor module

1 x Breadboard power module

1 x hit sensor module

1 x Temperature sensor module

1 x Vibration switch module

1 x Microphone sound sensor module

1 x Large reed module

1 x Two-color LED module

1 x Optical breaking module

1 x Temperature sensor module

1 x MP1584EN buck module

1 x SD card reader module

1 xPS2 Joystick game controller module

1 x Automatically flashing LED module

1 x DS1302 clock module

1 x Water level module

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