Intro MAKER Kit
Intro MAKER Kit
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Intro MAKER Kit

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The first step to becoming a MAKER is having the right components! With our Intro MAKER Kit, you will be on your way to making AMAZING creations! 
If the contents of our kit seem overwhelming have no fear! With the purchase of this kit, you will receive a FREE Day Pass to the Tech Academy ($35 value)! At the Tech Academy, you will be able to sit with one of our expert instructors so that you can get the guidance and instruction to get you started on your MAKER journey! Not located near our Tech Academy? No problem! We will be putting together some starter guides and project guides to help you get started!
Intro MAKER Kit Includes:
1 X UNO Board
1 X USB Cable
1 X Jump Cable
1 X Breadboard
5 X LED Light
1 Pack Resistor
1 X Female to male dupond line
1 X Potentiometer
1 X Buzzer 
1 X 74HC595
1 X Infrared receiver
1 X LM35
1 X Flame Sensor
1 X Ball Switch
1 X Photoresistor
1 X Key button
1 X Remote control
1 X 4-digit display tube
1 X 8*8 Dot matrix module
1 X 1-digit display tube
1 X Stepper motor driver board
1 X Stepper motor
1 X 9g Servo
1 X IIC 1602 LCD
1 X XY joystick module
1 X Temperature module
1 X Water test module
1 X RFID Module
1 X RFID keychain
1 X RFID White card
1 X Sound Module
1 X Relay Module
1 X Clock Module
1 X 4*4 Key board
1 X RGB 3 color module
1 X 9V battery Snap
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